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26 April 2020 @ 03:21 pm
Fic Masterlist  



come on now, who do you think you are? - It's so warm that David doesn't think he's ever going to move.

when thoughts don't compare (write this down) - "Cook, I don't care how fine the public is with us dating, I'm not making out with you in the supermarket."

but good to catch - david's trying, he really, really is, to pay attention to the secretary of the department of agriculture's speech about something or another.

hard to chase - it's technically not cook's job to wake david up.

and sing to you - And, okay, it wasn't like he didn't appreciate being a prince.

in such a flurry, flurry - Cook shuts the door behind him quickly and drops his bags to the ground with a loud thud.

you make it so easy - In retrospect, though, this is kind of his fault, so he can't even really blame Johns for it (okay, that's a lie, he can totally blame Johns, which he does, and he's also going to kill him when this night is over).

up's the only way - David doesn't know what he's doing here. This is sort of -- he doesn't even want to speed date!

better go and get your armor - Just a few weeks after being in Glee Club, Cook is already figuring out his fellow members pretty well.

i'll smile again - "Oh my gosh," David says in dismay, pulling at the collar of his shirt, "there are -- you left marks on my neck!"

laughing while i sing - In the Archuleta household, there are a few rules. It's not like a really strict place to live, or anything. David loves his family, loves his mother and his father, but sometimes. Yeah.

worth more than you can take - David sees Cook for the first time in four years in the back room of the club he's been teaching poker to smalltime actors and actresses in.

get home early from work - Cook realizes that he's told people before that becoming the season seven American Idol winner could drive someone crazy, but he's never really actually thought that he was, you know, crazy.

i smoke my eyes out - davida knows what to expect tonight -- she's planning on it.

tear up the sky - "Um, Mr Jackson," David says, trying not to tap his foot nervously, "are you -- can we please focus? Um, on the show?"

i have found what you are like - 10 drabbles for musicboxgirl

there for you when he shouldn't be - the air is chilly and so david doesn't protest when cook makes him put a coat on over his jacket, but throws him a grateful look and smiles.

but you're possibly the prettiest - They were thirteen when they first started talking -- or, well, Cook was fourteen and Archie was thirteen.

-big bang
as constant as a star - Once upon a time, two princes fell in love! Then one of them got turned into a swan and ruined the other prince's day. The usual kingdom-stealing hijinks ensue.

always, always, always - David loves doing the laundry.
the minor fall - Afterwards, Cook cries.
put words in my head - Cook wakes up to the sun in his face and an arm around his waist and turns to smother his grin into his pillow before he even opens his eyes.
let me sing you to sleep - She isn't allowed to know who they are: that's the first rule the label makes, and for once David agrees.

-Future Unknown verse
episode one: hello beautiful
episode two: All the Different Ways
episode three: streetlight people
episode four: Between Limits
episode five: begging for a backbeat
episode six: Freefall
episode seven: it's a problem, i'm dealing
episode eight: Cyclothymic
episode nine: where have you been?
finale: Present Perfect Progressive

-Comment fic
Flirty!Archie and Oblivious!Cook
Archie trying to do homework while Cook distracts him
The boys building a stand castle together
Fake!dating Cookleta becomes Real!dating Cookleta
High School!Cookleta
Archie thwarting all of 19E's attempts to hook Cook up with girls (whether accidentally or on purpose)
Cook and Archuleta have a daughter - for Becca!
Age Swap!Cookleta - for Pri!
Archie-as-a-girl - for Robyn!
Jealous!Cook - for Britts!
Miley Cyrus to the rescue! - for Rah!
Burn Notice Crossover - for Dee!
Palahniuk-esque Cookleta - for Jay!
Archie not dating musicians - for asweetdownfall!
PotC!Cookleta - for Kate!
Awkward day at the beach - for penrith1!
Bodyguard!Au - for Lee!
Any AU - for somewheresunny!
Faily!Seduction - for elektra180!


in which an apartment is bought and true love is found - “Okay,” Ryan says, looking up at the apartment building with a critical and searching eye, taking in the stained walls and the way the structure looks like it’s trying its hardest to be ugly enough to get demolished, “Okay.”

golden in your memory - “Ryan,” Pete says, “Ryan, this guy is it.”

the his dark materials makeshift - The streets were damp with a recent rain shower when the boy walked through them.

when i watch you - Spencer does not have a problem.

and brendon is a girl name, too! - Ryan pulls up to the corner and frowns at the figure rushing her way.

alive with the glory - The air is somehow quiet, filled with erratic breathing and sweaty gulpings of air through parched lips.

oh baby, i love you so - “You have to be kidding me,” Spencer says as one of the tech guys makes pleading eyes at him and pushes a baby (no, really, a fucking live baby, one with big eyes that are blinking up at Spencer right fucking now) towards him.

where the stars don't shine at night - "This is it?" Brendon asks, flipping through the pages of the script as if it will change if he looks again.

c'mon angel, don't you cry - frank watches the sunset from the roof of the bus, elbows resting on his knees, squinting into the sun with his mouth turned down into a frown.

take my hand, let's get famous - It's not like Brendon actually thought it would go somewhere.

i give up, i give up - Brendon hates the morning afters almost as much as Ryan remembers the night befores.

i want you bad, i really - it's not like brendon doesn't notice.


Ying Fa/Collin Universes

without a gun - The extent of her interest in him was strictly professional.

hearts do break (and i must admit) - "i'm bored," ying fa sing-songs, twirling in her chair and popping a bubble with her gum just because she knows the sound bugs collin.

Wingspan (Fairy AU)

want to vanish - He takes a deep breath, eyes fluttering open and closed.

can you hear it sing? - "You know," Connor said, buttoning up his night shirt, "this is my first sleepover."

there by your side - When Liam walked around the corner, his eyes first saw Cain.

give you everything - Almost. Almost! He's almost there, he can see the edge of gold over the side of the pedestal, and he jumps a little, stretches his arm as far as it goes.

Rock Band!AU

i lose myself (inside your mouth) - dusty inches the door to the twins' house open and peers inside.

we could be heroes - She's feeling vicious.



but that means memories - cassie slams the door behind her, knowing it's childish but uncaring. she's eight-fucking-teen now, she can slam shit if she wants to.

i'm finding that all - "oh fuck!" nick shouted, dropping to the ground as a car was Moved over his head.

10 Things I Hate About You (TV Series)

you look so dumb right now - "seriously," kat says, gripping patrick's waist tightly as he zooms around another corner, "if you make me fall i am going to brain you with this helmet."


i would like to - no one believes shawn when he says it at first, probably because he's using it as an excuse to get to gus, who's in the ICU and where access is restricted to family-only.

but i've got a nomadic head - he can't explain it.


you're only as good as - "what do you think?" she asks, holding up a shirt and twisting from side to side, and he tilts his head and considers her seriously.

through space and time - everyone thinks they're just going to fall apart again.

i've got a sin to confess - jesse knows that the egg thing is wrong; that much he can admit to himself.

Star Trek

i bet it burns - "captain," spock murmurs, "your skirt--"

the color of our planet - james kirk isn't a total slut. he's not, no matter what kind of vibes he gives off or what assumptions everyone in the fucking galaxy seems able to make.

just hold in your breath - They don't expect for the attack to come because they aren't even fucking on a mission.

until someone loves you - "why do we always become so familiar with the prisons of every planet we go to?" kirk asks, slumped against the granite wall of their jail cell.

don't be so charming - "you're like a child after a long grounding," mccoy observes, and kirk grins and pats the walls of the sickbay, sighing fondly.

i took the stars from our eyes - Pike really has no fucking clue as to what he's doing.


tonight's like a right hook - they don't really realize it's happening (or, freddie doesn't) until carly expresses confusion when freddie mentions to her that he's dateless for the school dance on friday.


baby, listen: i just need - she's unused to this feeling.

wait til you see those eyes - there he is. right in front of her, blinking in surprise at charlie and barely sparing her more than a passing glance, and the smile that lights up his face in automatic happiness at the sight of a dead friend transforms him into something unearthly and beautiful.

i wish that without me your heart would break - and of course, she dreams of him as well.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

although the distance is daring - she kisses him in the shadows of the inner wall of ba sing se; his blush is endearing even though he's eighteen now, and she presses her palms to his cheeks to feel it more clearly.

someone to love is bigger - the first time she sees him after the battle, she's sitting on the steps of the fire lord's palace, watching the smoke from the agni kai twist up into the air.


i'm a wanted man - arthur meets phillipa and james two years before mal kills herself.

i got close to your skin - phillipa’s first day of high school utterly sucks.

you look like a thousand suns - cobb and arthur glance at each other and back at the cat.

i'm not meant to live alone - Arthur spends the months after the inception trying to figure out his next step.

miles from where you are - The rain is falling in LA when Arthur lands.

i've got a thousand sweaters and shoes and paintings to hide - The first time Arthur sees him, he’s just managed to get away with a few hundred thousand dollars worth of rare bearers bonds and is escaping through the employee entrance of the bank they were stored in.

i've lost my fear of falling - she wakes up because of the sunlight streaming into the bedroom.

the air in my breath - Philippa’s morning goes like this:


you make me feel - fred sees her for the first time on the first day of school at coolsville high.


i know you know that i love you - "oh my god," merlin gasps, "oh god oh god--"


look at the world, so close - the shackles rattle around her wrists and the gag tastes like old, dirty cloth.

(aka the one from the meme)

seven nights a week - "Captain, I really must protest," Spock says, crossing his arms over the billowy white shirt he's wearing. Jim just grins and adjusts the shells he's wearing and says, "Oh come on, Spock, this is a learning experience!"

Music is my boyfriend!commentfic

The Con by Tegan and Sara
Permanent by David Cook
Think of You Later (Empty Room) by Every Avenue
Bittersweet by Sara Bareilles
Paperchase by The Academy Is...
Nothing Lasts Forever by Maroon 5
Again Again by Lady GaGa
Slow to Learn by Manchester Orchestra
Crush by David Archuleta
Our Lady of Sorrows by My Chemical Romance
All We Know by Paramore
Molasses by The Hush Sound
Love on the Rocks by Sara Bareilles
What a Catch, Donnie by Fall Out Boy
Desert Song by My Chemical Romance
Love Song by Sara Bareilles
Mad as Rabbits by Panic at the Disco
Running From Lions by All Time Low
Waiting by The Rocket Summer
If You Wanted a Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask by Mayday Parade
Behind the Sea (Alternate Version) by Panic at the Disco
Jack's Obsession by Danny Elfman
The Party Scene by All Time Low
Undertow by Sara Bareilles
Guts by The Higher
Beware! Cougar! by The Academy Is...
Lighthouse by The Hush Sound
Morningside by Sara Bareilles
Next to You by Jordin Sparks
Better by Regina Spektor
L.G. Fuad by Motion City Soundtrack
Medicine Man by The Hush Sound
Rangers by A Fine Frenzy
Drifter by Amie Miriello
Guilty Pleasure by Cobra Starship
(Coffee's for Closers) by Fall Out Boy
Many the Miles by Sara Bareilles