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37. | laughing while i sing


laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep
cook/archuleta (1463 words)

So this is primarily for bloodbelieve because eljay informs me that her birthday is tomorrow! Today, whatever, whenever you're reading this I DO NOT CARE. Happy birthday Ace! You are fantastic and I adore you. It's also for almost_maybe because she is so amazing and gave me this idea in the first place!

I guess I should explain that this is semi-based on 8 Simple Rules (For Dating My Teenage Daughter), that show that came on and was kind of awesome until John Ritter died, which, why continue? Well, okay, Kerry and Bridget were pretty awesome, and Rory was a good kid too. Also, check out the rules! Can you imagine Jeff putting these in play? So, that's kinda what I did. I didn't really apply the rules, but this is based on that concept. Also, in this world, GAY RELATIONSHIPS ARE TOTALLY NORMAL. Do not argue with me. I am already fucking with the time/space continuum by making them the same age.

In the Archuleta household, there are a few rules. It's not like a really strict place to live, or anything. David loves his family, loves his mother and his father, but sometimes. Yeah.

Still, he doesn't know why Dad is giving Cook such a hard time lately. Cook's practically grown up here, and pretty much just barges in half the time, which would be annoying on anyone else but is oddly charming from Cook.

Which, that was kind of a weird thought process. Huh. Maybe David should stop watching all those cheesy soaps with Cook at two in the morning. It's clearly ruining his perception of people.

"Is he here again?" Dad asks, and David rolls his eyes and pours more chips into the bowl and mixes them all together, a blend of cheetos and doritos and potato chips and whatever else he can find in the cabinet.

"Yeah, dad. We're watching that new movie I got on Netflix," David says, humming as he draws the spoon out of the bowl (Cook would just toss them all around with his hands but um, ew. No.).

"He's been coming around more often," Dad remarks, brow creasing as he peers into the living room where Cook is propped up on the couch, head leaned back over it so he can watch them (David grins automatically in reply when Cook glances at him and smiles, and yeah, he needs to stop staying up so late, his face is doing stuff on its own).

"I hadn't really noticed," David confesses, grabbing two bottles of water from the fridge. "Okay, so this is my time for the DVD player, let it be known!" he calls into the hallway where Jazzy and Amber are sitting, playing with dolls. Jazzy rolls her eyes but Amber smiles brightly at him and he marks off on the whiteboard they have that he's using his weekly time of DVD player usage. They have a system, and it really actually works.

(After Claudia and Daniel almost came to blows when they both had friends over the same day, this kind of stuff is necessary. David has a TV in his room, but the living room is the only one with a DVD player and they hoard minutes on it like money. It's actually kind of funny, if David thinks about it.)

"Ready?" David asks, reaching for the remote, and Cook looks at him with eyes that flash in the dim lighting and says, "Born."

Then he drops a casual arm around David's shoulders and David fumbles the remote, dropping it to the ground. He's confused about why he freaked out (he's totally used to Cook touching him now, after years of being forcefully desensitized to him) and leans over just as his father comes behind them and coughs loudly.

When he leans back up and presses play, Cook's arm is back by his side, but there's a sort of triumph in his eyes when David glances at him.

"David," Dad says, this funny quality to his voice. David looks up and lifts an eyebrow at him in question, and he pulls a face. "This is something I never thought I'd say."

"Um," David says, completely lost.

"Call Cook up and have him come over, David. I want to talk to him."

That should've been a huge tip off.

Cook comes over and grins widely at David when he walks in (without knocking, as usual). He looks amused and happy, which makes no sense whatsoever. Dad sighs at him and beckons for Cook to follow him to the kitchen, which -- David tries to follow but Cook turns around and says, "David."

There's something about his voice that makes David jerk to a halt and Dad watches them with intently. "Cook, what--"

"Me and your dad, we gotta talk," Cook says, the corner of his mouth curving in a hint of a smile. "Just for a little bit, but it's gotta be between us. I'll see you in a minute."

And Dad nods once and Cook squares his shoulders and follows him into the kitchen.

David is speechless.

And it's not like, for all his dad complains about Cook just randomly coming into their house and staying for dinner and calling David at like midnight and -- all the stuff that makes him Cook, his dad doesn't really mind it. David secretly thinks Dad likes Cook just as much as the rest of the family does (Mom really adores Cook, actually, and sends him home with cookies and stuff all the time, and the girls all think he's adorable, and Daniel tries to play it off but thinks he's really cool. So).

But he doesn't understand what kind of conversation could involve the two of them and not him. He wasn't aware there was another dimension to his view of them that involved them having a relationship beyond David's father and David's best friend.

This is messing with his head.

He hovers outside the door, hearing the soft murmurs of voices, Cook's soft answers to his father's lower questions, and wonders desperately what they're talking about. It must be him, he thinks wildly, they must be talking about him and something he's done. Something about Cook and David, something David's done to Cook.

It's not like he does anything differently around Cook, or anything! Well, okay, there was that one time with the remote last week. And, um, once he'd dazed out and stared at Cook sucking on an ice pop, maybe that was weird. But that was it!

Or, actually, there was that one incident in the pool. But that was just once! And he'd apologized to that silly girl, okay.

David is rapidly realizing (he's not stupid) that this is maybe not normal best friend behavior. Has he -- okay, being completely rational and to-the-point about it (which he is!), does he have a crush on Cook?

He takes a moment to think about it, to examine his relationship (all the lazy Saturday night movies, the conversations on the phone late at night, the days they get their guitars and sing together, everything) and reluctantly admits that um, maybe. Just a tiny one. Nothing damaging. He doesn't think so, anyways. Anyways, isn't there like some rule that says you have to like your best friend a little? Right?

This is so not the time to be having this kind of epiphany, though, because if that's what they're talking about (David's, his crush on Cook) then he's been obvious and it's bothering Cook or Dad or both of them and they're talking about how to stop it, or maybe they're gonna agree that Cook should stay away from David, or --

"Hey," he hears and jumps like a foot in the air, oh my gosh. Cook stares amusedly at him and raises an eyebrow when David claps a hand to his chest.

"Oh my gosh, Cook!" he complains. Cook just laughs.

"It's not like I was being subtle or anything," Cook points out, and Dad edges past the two of them muttering, "You've never been subtle."

"Bye, Mr Archuleta!" Cook calls, beaming at him, and Dad just waves a hand at them and goes to the garage, and David is dying to know what they talked about. He is actually pretty sure that if it's what he thinks it is, he's going to just collapse right here and die. The anxiety squirms around in his stomach like, like worms or something and that's a gross thing to think about, worms in your stomach, ew --

"David," Cook says, snapping his fingers in front of David's face. "Hey, you with me?"

"Yes!" David answers quickly, because Cook is settling onto the couch and not leaving, thank goodness. He sits gingerly next to him and hums unsurely for a second, and then ventures cautiously, "So--"

"So," Cook interrupts, "I just totally got permission from your dad to ask you out. It was kind of awesome."

"..." David takes a moment to just gape at Cook because -- because what? What? What the heck is Cook --

"Daviiiiid," Cook sings, "You're spacing on me again."

"Oh my gosh," David sputters, "You can't say something like that and not expect me to, whatever, space! Which I wasn't, I was more shocked than anything, okay--"

Cook swoops in and presses his mouth to David's open one, just a brief peck that leaves David stunned and his mouth tingling. Then he's leaning back, eyes shining with mirth, and David closes his mouth to just stare helplessly at Cook.

"I think I'm confused," he complains, but he's leaning in with Cook this time, both of their eyes lowering a little.

"Don't worry," Cook breathes against his mouth. "I'll catch you up."

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  • 87. | now when's the time for me

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